TOP 10 highly effective ChatGPT prompts tailored for creators and solopreneurs

 1. Distill complex ideas in your niche. Prompt: Using the Feynman Technique, explain [insert concept] as if you were teaching it to a child or someone unfamiliar with the topic. 2. Teach ChatGPT to craft atomic essays in your writing style. Prompt: Examine the writing style in the text below and create a concise, impactful atomic essay (approximately 250 words) about [insert subject] in a similar manner. 3. Address social media complaints effectively. Prompt: You are a solopreneur responding to a customer's complaint on social media about a delayed product. Draft a 100-word empathetic response, offering an apology and a 10% discount. 4. Train ChatGPT to create content pillars for your niche. Prompt: You are an AI designed to support content creators. Develop a list of the top 5 content pillars within the [insert niche] industry, explaining the importance and relevance of each pillar. 5. Utilize ChatGPT to draft an e-book for your audience. Prompt: Outline and write the introductio

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 ChatGPT tips & tricks